Paisley Rojagato (rojagato) wrote in fluffy_lungfish,
Paisley Rojagato

The oldest known true larva of a vertebrate

I was looking for something else, when I found this blog post about an article in Nature a couple of years ago.

Basically, a fossil was found in Scotland of a cartiliginous fishie thing back in 1890, and they just got around to figuring out it was a lungfish larva -- the oldest known true larva of a vertebrate. The blog has a link to the Quicktime movies showing the rotation of the fossil.

Edit: Here's another article, with a photo of the little guy.

So, where that Fluffy at, anyways?
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So, where that Fluffy at, anyways?

when I have kicked the plague (hopefully soon), I am going to bike over to the Shedd to check on her. I will bring my camera!

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