Jim Marks (jhimm) wrote in fluffy_lungfish,
Jim Marks

fluffy sighting

my folks are visiting from NJ this weekend.
my kid brother lives at Grand & State,
the wife and i live in Woodlawn down on E. 61st.

we went to the Shedd today,
and stopped to say hi to Fluffy.
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Deleted comment

it took quite a while to get my folks to understand
"i know that fish.
that fish used to be in my friend's bedroom."

you've been to see, right?
that 70+ year old australian in the next tank is crazy!

Deleted comment

Sorry the photo isn't better- it was from my cellphone and it was a bit low on batteries. She looked right at us as I frantically tried to get my phone out of my pocket, and by the time I did she was heading back up to "her branch" again. :)
Aaawwwww. Tiny little fin-legs!

My gosh, it's good to see her. Thank you, jhimm.

Deleted comment