Paisley Rojagato (rojagato) wrote in fluffy_lungfish,
Paisley Rojagato

A famous lungfish other than Fluffy

Near the beginning of Creature from the Black Lagoon [1], one of the scientists is going "blah de blah blah" in front of a tank, talking about "missing links" and the "dead ends" in evolution. The expedition to the Amazon that drives the "plot" of the movie is about finding a "rare species" of South American lungfish, which is cool enough. Swimming around in the tank (to illustrate an evolutionary dead end) they show a very active lungfish.

It's either a South American or African lungfish (they look very similar), but I thought it might have been an African because it looked pretty scaley and muscular, and its "legs" were very long and more developed than pictures I'd seen of the South Americans. Does anyone know which it might have been?

[1] Which is actually a pretty good flick, in that cheesy 50's horror-movie way. One of the things I liked about it was that the female lead didn't just stand around and scream (although she did a bit of that, but in situations where you'd be screaming, too). She was smart, witty, level-headed, and did stuff besides look really great in a swimsuit.
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